Backpacking in Thailand

Journeying from the mountains to the beach

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Interdum consectetur libero id faucibus nisl tincidunt eget. Vitae et leo duis ut. … Read the rest

Why go Serverless

The question is not why you would want to go serverless, the question is why would you not go serverless.

Let us think about this for just a second. In a typical environment, you would not only have to think about the flow of the application and how its pieces fit together, but also to the underlying architecture. Now that DevOps is becoming more common, it is the developers that sometimes find themselves having to worry about these issues. Or … Read the rest

DevOps is more than just about developers

There. It has been said. Take a moment, and think about it.

There is a push in the community to talk about Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and tying this all to the DevOps movement. About what practices are used to get code to market the fastest, and with minimal amount of code defects. And, I will admit, that I agree wholeheartedly, that CI/CD or some sort of pipeline is important to allow software development teams to move fast … Read the rest

Building a Windows 2012R2 Instance in AWS with Terraform

Terraform is an application by HashiCorp that is designed to treat infrastructure as code. Lately, I have been working with it to begin automation of resources within AWS, and have been quite pleased.

Lets get started with building out a Windows 2012 R2 server with Terraform on AWS.

You are going to need to have the following items configured in AWS in order for this to work, as I am not going to be using Terraform to build out these … Read the rest