Search engines like Google and Bing have absolutely failed us.

I am going to come across as old in this post. And, this time, I am OK with that. We have entered a day and age where search engines have failed us. Instead of finding new and interesting results, search engines have been gamed to present the same top ten websites over and over again. Instead of showing interesting opinions or views, we are stuck with the same websites.

And, I blame this on the search engines. These sites are … Read the rest

Easily enable SSO (Single Sign-On) to protect your AWS Accounts

Enabling SSO on your AWS Accounts is strongly encouraged, adds additional security, access to multiple accounts from a single entry point (with different permission sets), and above all, it is free.

The following is a walk-through of how to enable Single Sign On in the AWS console. These instructions are for people with individual accounts to a few accounts. Actually, these instructions are just a good general starting point for smaller size orgs.

Enable Organizations

  • Log into the AWS Console
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How good is Pop!_OS in 2020?

I have been using MX_linux, and while I think the premise behind it is good, the implementation falls a bit flat. As someone that has used Linux for years, I was avoiding using my small and light laptop because I did not want to deal with the system that was running it. That is not a good sign.

So, I decided that I was going to install a new Linux distro on my system and get back to writing … Read the rest

Trying to Help Other Learn Programming

Having worked in the industry for a very long time, sometimes I forget how much I have learned (and forgotten) over the years. What seems trivial now, was once a complex idea that I had to wrap my head around, and after learning the fundamentals, there always seemed to be more to learn. This was at, in my mind, a golden age for learning computer systems and how to code. Installing Linux was not what it is today with flashing … Read the rest

Should I stop work on CfnMason or any project?

Off and on for years, and at various companies, I have developed various tools to manage complex AWS CloudFormation templates and stacks. This came out of the lack of tooling that was associated with CloudFormation itself. It was not that CFN was bad, (it is notoriously picky) it is just that it was designed with the intention of being a way to treat your infrastructure in code based manner. That is really not true. CFN was created as a templating … Read the rest