About Me

I tried writing this in the third person, and that just made me laugh and feel a bit like a blockhead later after reading it. Instead I am going to attempt to take a different approach. More of a conversation, than a spouting of facts.

My name is Eric, and I live in the United States of America. Currently I live in the South East with my family, but that is a point that is up for discussion, as we are not sure the heat and humidity are for us.

Now, I spend a lot of time on the computer. Between work and hobbies, I probably spend to much time. But, I found over the years that I like to solve puzzles, and on occasion, create things. As such, for me, working in the computer field has been a huge blessing. Over the years, I have been exposed to an abundance of different technologies, been able to help launch multiple products with various companies, and home my knowledge of the full software development and release life cycle.

And, that is where my primary focus lies. In the entire architecture as a whole from soup to nuts. I like the term “System Integrator” more than that of DevOps, Software Engineer, or Site Reliability Engineer. To me, it is important to include architecture from the beginning of the design, and not just when you are 2 months from shipping. By that same note, I am a staunch advocate for automation, and think that hand touching production is a way into madness.

This blog will focus on all sorts of technology, ranging from  cloud development to soldering and micro-controllers. Part of the goal is to document things for myself, so that when I stumble upon them in the future, I can look back and see how I fixed it then. Other times, it may be a deep dive into some side project. (I will try and keep them tech related)

I have to put this out there as well. It is the disclaimer.

All comments, thoughts, opinions, and information posted is my own. It does not reflect the views of my company, nor does it include any proprietary information that is not publicly accessible.

Gotta make sure you cover yourself with the legal team.

Outside of technology, I do a lot of solo sports. I like to do Triathlon, mountain bike, swim, run, trail run, road biking. There are probably more, but that is all that is in my head at the moment. Oh, and I read all the time. Books are great. If you have any recommendations, let me know. I could use a new series to read.

Well guys and gals, that is enough about me. Hope you enjoy, or find useful, something on this site.

— Eric