Website Technology Has Gotten Complex

3 minute read

Has technology always been this complex? My tech blog is once again live. And, I have to say that it took me longer than I thought it would to switch over from WordPress. I will get into why I moved later, (that is a topic for another day), but it still amazes me how complex things are to get up and running and configured. For this post, that is where I a...

You Have to Start Somewhere

3 minute read

Welcome to the start of my new blog At one point I had a blog. It was never a large blog, nor did I haver have a huge following, but I had a site up, and I would put in periodic updates. It was focused on technical topics, and I would post about various topics that interested me. However, maintaining a wordpress site was a bit much. It was not much, but t...

Search engines like Google and Bing have absolutely failed us.

2 minute read

I am going to come across as old in this post. And, this time, I am OK with that. We have entered a day and age where search engines have failed us. Instead of finding new and interesting results, search engines have been gamed to present the same top ten websites over and over again. Instead of showing interesting opinions or views, we are stuck with the...

How good is Pop!_OS in 2020?

5 minute read

I have been using MX_linux, and while I think the premise behind it is good, the implementation falls a bit flat. As someone that has used Linux for years, I was avoiding using my small and light laptop because I did not want to deal with the system that was running it. That is not a good sign.