Search engines like Google and Bing have absolutely failed us.

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I am going to come across as old in this post. And, this time, I am OK with that. We have entered a day and age where search engines have failed us. Instead of finding new and interesting results, search engines have been gamed to present the same top ten websites over and over again. Instead of showing interesting opinions or views, we are stuck with the same websites.

And, I blame this on the search engines. These sites are the reason that they are still in business. They advertise with them, and use understandings of the algorithms to show up at the top of searches. My question is, how do we get away from this? How do we get back to and internet of the people by the people. Not an internet solely made up of corporate interests. To be honest, I do not really have an answer to this question.

So, if we cannot trust search engines anymore to provide us with links to meaning, “real” content, who do we then turn to? Do we use search engines that skip the first 5000 results? Do we try to use more esoteric terms that mainstream companies have not thought to wrap with an enormous number of search results? I don’t know. That seems like a losing battle, as even those results can be gamed for someones bottom line.

Heck, at this point, we have come to a time when popular blogs are blatantly copied, and the redistributed by companies looking to make a quick buck. Companies that run search engines do not care. They just want to present the data and make their dime off of the user that enters an value into the search line. Think about it, if search is free, how do they pay for it. It is through gaining knowledge of what we search for, and how they can then convert it into cash.

To this extent, I am tired of the game. I will be upfront and say that my sight uses both Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Over the course of 20 years, I have not made $100 on this site. (Wow, that is kinda sad). But, I am going to move back to an old mechanism that was available on the web years ago. I am going to move back to a link page. And, I am going to link to blogs and sites that I, if not trust, at least respect. I am hoping that others will start to do the same. And, instead of searching the World Wide Web for new content, maybe you will look at the sites that I have linked to and see what they have to say.

I will not link to large corporations. That is not to say I will not create a link page for those purposes, but, I am going to make a page dedicated to people and creators that I find interesting.

Please help me in this. I want to find other people that are trying to have a voice.