You Have to Start Somewhere

3 minute read

Welcome to the start of my new blog

At one point I had a blog. It was never a large blog, nor did I haver have a huge following, but I had a site up, and I would put in periodic updates. It was focused on technical topics, and I would post about various topics that interested me. However, maintaining a wordpress site was a bit much. It was not much, but the plugins are a pain, and I just was never a fan of using all the tools for writing. It became more of making posts look pretty than focusing on the topic at hand.

That brings me to today. Here I am kicking off a new site using Jekyll. I am going to see about importing my old blog entries, but, that might be a while. The main goal is to get a new site up and running and to start writing again. That is the main point for today. You have to start somewhere. For me, that is getting this first post up, having a very bad layout, and getting something back out on the web.

So, what is the goal of this blog?

That remains to be seen. I am probably going to be sticking to a variety of technical topics. Now, the topics will be diverse, as they will be based upon my interests, and those interests can be all over the place. I think the first thing that I am going to dive into is getting this deployed and how to integrate it with automation and build tasks. I really enjoy automating the boring stuff, and doing it in such a way that is repeatable.

Hopefully, with more writing, my flow will return. As of right now, all of my writing feels very disconnected. I have noticed that this is what happens from taking time off from writing. Speaking is easy, but getting words down on the page, and having them make sense can be a challenge. Then again, some people say the way that I talk is confusing. Maybe I am just confusing and all over the place.

In addition to writing about projects I am working on, I may dive into areas that I have a deep interest in. One of those areas is System Engineering and Architecture. Another area is software design. And, looking at these two topics, I am sure that there are novels that could be written about both. I am here to say that I doubt I could write a novel about either topic. Mainly because I think I would get bored before finishing it, and it would probably be out of date before it was done.

Some Random Thoughts

There is probably a high likely hood that this post will get published en masse with the ones about getting my site posted and online. That is because, I want to be able to push this easily without having to think about it. So, that means, this could get posted in the past and nobody will ever read it. That is ok. Part of writing this is for myself, and part of it is for others.

Currently, the site kinda looks like junk. There are no sections, and the layout is a bit meh. But, I am of the mind that let me start getting content up over spending 6 months trying to make it look “pretty.” Don’t get me wrong, I would love for it to look great and be functional, but I will take functional and ugly over non-existent any day of the week.

The last note is that I used to have a blog, and I am looking at pulling in the content. That should be interesting as I did have some images and such on the pages. As it is, I am going to have to figure out how to add media here as well.

With that, I am going to sign off, and start looking at how to get this up and running online, and behind SSL.